By Gabrielle Rosenau, March 2018

In 2014, 39 year-old Mukabera Rose decided to take charge of her life again and left her abusive husband.  She started making a living through her 2 acres of planted coffee, pigs and chickens. In August 2017, she took 120 USD in mobile money advance, which she used to pay for school fees and buy cow dung to fertilize her orange trees. For the first time in her life she did not have to go to the local coyote to access cash for this critical need.

Through NKG BLOOM Uganda, she applied chemical fertilizer in March and August 2017 to her coffee trees for the first time in her life and could harvest 6-7 kg cherries per coffee tree instead of 2 kg without applying fertilizer. That’s an immense improvement. Keep it up, Mukabera!