By Gabrielle Rosenau, August 2018

During the latest disbursement day, we doubled the number of farmers that have being distributed fertilizer between March and August 2018. In 2018 overall, we distributed 540 tons of fertilizer to over 2500 coffee smallholders. Compared to the overall fertilizer Ugandan consumption (estimated at around 55,000 tons per year in 2016) NKG BLOOM Uganda is contributing 1% of the Ugandan fertilizer consumption!

It is also estimated that the majority of the fertilizer used in Uganda is going to the big sugar cane and tea plantations. World Bank statistics estimate the average usage of fertilizer in Uganda is 2.1kg per ha (just for comparison, it is 202kg per ha in Germany). This fertilizer enables smallholder to double their coffee income in less than 2 years. And with adding the mobile money component, we enable farmers to get rid of middle men and get a fair price for their coffee.

We keep on working hard to support even more farmers in the upcoming year!